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Versatility Committee Chair – Susan Costanzo


The Bouvier des Flandres is a versatile dog and maintaining that characteristic contributes to the health of the breed. The breed’s heritage should be apparent in modern dogs. The ABdFC Board of Governors feels that awarding titles of Versatile Bouvier Basic (VBB), Versatile Bouvier Excellent (VBX), and Versatile Bouvier Champion (VBCh) will help maintain those breed characteristics. These annual award titles are not restricted to heritage… we do very little droving of cattle down farm roads. Therefore, these titles also represent what dogs can do in modern times to benefit mankind. The focus of these annual award titles is encouragement for owners to train and enjoy their Bouviers in a variety of ways, with heritage venues earning higher point values than activities that are non-heritage in nature.

Effective July 2013, the AKC and ABdFC began recognizing titles and awards earned in Working Dog Sport (WDS), thru the ABdFC WDS Affiliate DVG-America (Deutscher Verband der Gebrauchshundsportvereine).  WDS Obedience titles can be found in Category III, WDS Tracking titles in Category IV, WDS Endurance title in Category VII, and WDS Schutzhund/IPO in Category IX.

Venue/Event categories are listed below, along with the points earned for each activity.  The program will try to keep up with the new events that are offered where our Bouviers can obtain titles.  Non-heritage AKC recognized titles are listed in Category XI – Non-Heritage Events, with total points earned from that category being a maximum of 2 (two) points.

Only the highest title earned in any Category is counted.

NOTE: Categories III & VIII have dual event components.  Applicants are not allowed to combine points from the event subsections.

CATEGORY I - Responsible Citizenship and Member Activity
The purpose of this category is to encourage activities oriented toward public service, the understanding of human/canine interaction, and familiarization with canine events. Each type of activity in this category will give credit of 1 point.

Required points are:
1 point – VBB
2 points – VBX
3 points – VBCh

‘Owner’ activities need not be limited to the ABdFC and Bouviers. Examples of Member Activities are: Chairing a committee, holding an elected office, teaching a class, presenting or attending a seminar, participating in performance demonstrations, etc.  Once you have documented, for the purposes of this program, a Member Activity, the 1 point earned for that activity would apply to all of your dogs. Similar activities and extra activities will be recorded for other undefined purposes (i.e. teaching six classes would receive one credited point, but all six activities will be recorded.)

CATEGORY II - Conformation (1 point required)
The purpose of this category is proof that the Bouvier meets, or exceeds, the breed standard, and has no disqualifying faults. International members may count placements, points and titles obtained from the registry of their country.

1 point - Any class placement competing in AKC Conformation show towards
Championship (must be against competition)
1 point - Obtain a written, signed and dated statement from an AKC judge licensed for
Bouvier des Flandres attesting to the fact that the Bouvier in question meets, or exceeds, the breed standard, and has no disqualifying faults other than alteration.
2 points - Any points earned towards AKC Championship
3 points - AKC Championship

CATEGORY III – Obedience, Rally, & WDS Obedience
The purpose of this category is to demonstrate training, conditioning and behavior in the home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs. All aspects must be in a manner, which gives credit to the Bouvier des Flandres. Points can be earned in any of the three venues, but may not be combined, with a total of 6 points Maximum earned from this category (OTCH).  AKC ‘Pre’ titles are not recognized for Versatile Bouvier Award points.

1 point – Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Temperament Test (TT) or Beginner Novice (BN)
2 points - Companion Dog (CD) or Graduate Novice (GN)
3 points - Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) or Graduate Open (GO)
4 points - Utility Dog (UD) or Versatility (VER)
5 points - Utility Dog Excellent (UDX)
6 points - Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH)

1 point - Rally Novice (RN)
2 points - Rally Advanced (RA)
3 points - Rally Excellent (RE)
4 points - Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE)

WDS Obedience:
2 points - ScHH/IPO (BH) or ScHH/IPO UPr-Test 1
3 points – ScHH/IPO UPr-Test 2
4 points – ScHH/IPO UPr-Test 3

CATEGORY IV – AKC Tracking  & WDS Tracking

1 point – AKC Tracking Certified (Cleared for entry in a Tracking Test)
2 points - Tracking Dog (TD) or Tracking Dog Urban (TDU)
2 points – ScHH/IPO FPr Level 1 (FPr1) or ScHH/IPO FPr Level 2 (FPr2)
3 points - Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX)
3 points – ScHH/IPO FPr Level 3 (FPr3)
4 points -  ScHH/IPO FH 1 Tracking test (FH1)
4 points - Variable Surface (VST)
4 points – ScHH/IPO FH Level 2 Tracking test (FH2)
5 points - Tracking Champion (CT)
6 points- IPO-FH International Tracking Test

CATEGORY V - Herding

1 point - HIC or HIT – Herding Instinct Certificate or Herding Instinct Tested
2 points - Herding Tested (HT) or AHBA or ASCA equivalent
2 points - Pre Trial Tested (PT) or AHBA or ASCA equivalent
3 points - Herding Started (HS) or AHBA or ASCA equivalent
4 points - Herding Intermediate (HI) or AHBA or ASCA equivalent
5 points - Herding Excellent (HX) or AHBA or ASCA equivalent
6 points - Herding Champion (AKC or AHBA or ASCA)

CATEGORY VI - Active Duty
Bouviers qualifying in this category must have actively worked in the area for 6 months AND possess certification by state or national organization.

1 point - Therapy Dog (THD) (AKC Title certificate required)
2 points - Detection (bomb, narcotics, contraband, termites, corpse)
2 points - Street Service (police, military)
3 points - Service Dog (seeing eye dog, hearing dog, assisted living)
4 points – Search and Rescue Certified by a nationally recognized SAR organization
5 points - Search and Rescue (FEMA Certified)

CATEGORY VII - Draft Work/Carting/WDS Endurance
The purpose of this category is to demonstrate the heritage of usefulness of canines in working with man. For activities associated with 1 or 2 points, please provide the name of the organization and include a copy of rules along with a statement of qualification for your dog.  For all points associated with Carting, please submit of copy of title certificate awarded, along with name of group sanctioning the award.

1 point - Sledding, or Skijoring, or Weight Pulling
1 point – WDS Endurance Test (AD)
2 points – Hiking – 200 miles (verified), Pack Dog, Water Rescue Dog
2 points - Novice Draft Dog (NDD)
3 points – Draft Dog (DD)
4 points - Master Draft Dog (MDD)
5 points - Master Draft Dog Excellent (MDDX)
6 points – Champion Draft Dog (CHDD)

Points can be earned in all 3 events sections (Standard, Jumpers or FAST), with a total of 5 points Maximum earned from this category (MACH/PACH).  Only the highest Regular or Preferred title, regardless of event section, may be counted.

1 point - Novice Agility (NA, NAP)
2 points - Open Agility (OA, OAP)
3 points - Agility Excellent (AX, AXP)
4 points - Master Agility Excellent (MX, MXP)

1 point - Novice Agility Jumpers (NAJ, NJP)
2 points - Open Agility Jumpers (OAJ, OJP)
3 points - Agility Excellent Jumpers (AXJ, AJP)
4 points - Master Excellent Jumpers (MXJ, MJP)

FAST (Fifteen and Send Time):
1 point – Novice FAST (NF, NFP)
2 points – Open FAST (OF, OFP)
3 points – Excellent FAST (XF, XFP)
4 points – Master Excellent FAST (MXF, MFP)

Agility Champion: 
5 points – AKC Master Agility Champion (MACH) or Preferred Agility Champion (PACH), or USDAA or NADAC equivalent

CATEGORY IX – Working Dog Sport
Points earned in this category require documentation from the Bouvier’s ScHH/IPO score book or AKC WDS Title certificate.  A ScHH/IPO title requires the Bouvier to qualify in Obedience, Tracking, and Protection tests at one trial.

4 points – ScHH/IPO 1 (IPO1)
5 points – ScHH/IPO 2 (IPO2)
6 points – ScHH/IPO 3 (IPO3)

CATEGORY X - Progeny (VBX and VBCH only)*
The purpose of this category will be to show direct contribution of a given dog in perpetuating  the qualities of the Bouvier des Flandres. Points from this category only apply toward the VBX and VBCH titles.  A maximum of three single points toward the award will be given from this
Category, meaning this does not count as a major activity. Only OFA certified Bouviers are qualified to receive points from this category.

1 point earned for each title Progeny have acquired:
Conformation Championships, Obedience, Herding, Agility, Tracking, WDS Schutzhund/IPO, and ABdFC Carting Titles.
Titles recognized would be AKC recognized titles (or equivalent) that would be worth 1 point or more in one of the categories listed in this program.  The following titles are not recognized for Progeny points: CGC, CGCA, CA, CAA, CAX, CAX2, HIC, & TT

CATEGORY XI – Non-Heritage Events
No more than 2 points may be earned in this category.  Accepted titles for this category are as follows:

1 point – Coursing Ability (CA) and Barnhunt Novice (RATN)
2 points – Coursing Advanced (CAA) or higher, and Barnhunt Open (RATO) or higher.

CATEGORY XII - Other Activities:
The purpose of this category is to include recognition for activities not yet defined.  Activities include: Flyball, Hero Dog, parts in Theatrical Productions, etc.

Points awarded from this category must receive approval from the ABdFC Awards Chair, as well as the ABdFC Versatility Chair.

7 points from a minimum of three categories
Category IX is excluded
1 point required from Category I (maximum 1 point allowed from this category)
1 point required from Category II

10 points from a minimum of three categories
2 points required from Category I (maximum 2 points allowed from this category)
1 point required from Category II
The Bouvier must achieve credit for a 3 point activity (major) in at least one of categories II thru VIII

15 points from a minimum of three categories
3 points required from Category I (maximum 3 points allowed from this category)
1 point required from Category II
The Bouvier must achieve credit for a 3 point activity (major) in at least one of categories II thru VIII

Points are awarded only for the highest activity in a category.

The Bouvier named on the application must be owned by an AMERICAN BOUVIER DES FLANDRES CLUB member at the time application for the award is made.

Versatile Bouvier titles are awarded once a year at the ABdFC Annual Awards Dinner, held in conjunction with the National Specialty.
Each Member/Bouvier team will receive an Award Certificate and a medallion of appropriate color, on which the Bouvier’s name and titles are engraved. Medallions awarded will be Bronze-tone for VBB, Silver-tone for VBX and Gold-tone for VBCH. There is no cost to the applicant.

The following are acceptable means of documentation for titles:
Photocopy/.pdf scan emailed of AKC title certificate
Photocopy/.pdf scan emailed of AKC Points and Title Progression report.
A photocopy of certificates or awards from other organizations or a copy of published award is required to receive credit for the Versatility Title(s). These must be earned through a local, state or national organization, or affiliation with such an organization.
Verification for credit for Category I and XII requires the signature of two witnesses (or appropriate documentation).

If you think your Bouvier has met the requirements for a Versatile Bouvier Award, please fill out the
Versatile Bouvier Application Form and send to:

Susan Costanzo
3703 Rui Cove Ct
Spring, TX 77386-6014

If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact me at: 281-350-1003, or email:


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