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Listing of ROM Sires and Dams

The Register of Merit Book recognizes dogs that have had a significant impact on Bouviers in the U.S. The program has titled offspring contributing points to their sire & dam, with the lifetime totals being calculated. It contains information complied on most qualifying dogs: picture, pedigree, breeder, owner, date of birth, color, titled progeny, pictures of progeny, titles earned, health clearances, and a write up about each dog.

The up-do-date ROM book through 2011 includes 750 color pages with photos and information that records the influential sires and dams in the breed. A must-have resource for breeders and owners alike.  It's a wealth of information for all Fanciers.  For information on how you can purchase your copy see below.

A limited number of Hard Copy Books are available.

CD includes two formats - PDF and Flash files.

To order contact Nancy Eilks (see contact info below) or through our PayPal page (prices include shipping and PayPal fees).

Checks made payable to the ABdFC

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For more information about the ROM Program Click here.

Bouviers who have qualified for Register of Merit

Ace’s Indelible Mark, CH, HT 240 Always B.Witch’n Lilac Boo Kay, CH 60
Adele’s Alexander, Am Can CH 150 Always Lavender Santolina, CH 80
Amber Mist Tino Faisca War, CH 190 Angel 100
Aram Donny vd Lage Banken, Am Can CH 165 Annie Em Gee at Runamok, CH, RN 80
Aristes Flying Dutchman, Am Can CH, CD 195 April du Clos des Cerberes 80
Aristes Hot Rod, CH 685 Aries Du Clos Des Cerberes, CH 65
Aristes Hot Shot, Am Can CH 470 Aristes Ltd Edition Margaux, CH 65
Aristes Jon-Tou de Amulette 110 Aristes Northern Ice, CH 85
Aristes Quantum Leap, Am Can CH 265 Aristes Purple Mts Magesty, CH 75
Avion’s Voyager de la Salsa, CH 115 Aristes Summer Lady Liberty, CH 105
Avion’s XKE At Susants, CH, HT PT 275 Aristes Summer Siren, CH 85
Avion’s Yarek, CH 110 Avalon’s Aurora, CH 170
B.Witch’n Rocheuses Five-O-One, CH 120 Avion’s X’s & O’s, CH 240
BB’s Undiscovered Classic, Am Can CH 115 B Witchn’s Re-Lee Comfy Jeans, CH 90
Beaucrest Ruffian, CH 135 B Witchn’s Treasure Truly, CH 155
Beauvoir du Clos des Cerberes, CH 200 B Witchn’s Yours Truly Iris, CH, PT OA OAJ 220
Belajic’s Kodiak Bear, CH, CD 160 Babochon Virtual Chaosity, CH 60
Beowulf du Clos des Cerberes, CH 155 Barbu’s Simulation One, CH 65
Blackstone’s General Chaos, CH 110 Barbu’s Wind Dancer 60
Blovett’s Ready To Tye One On, CH 140 Bearable BB Bou CD 65
Boaz Hurricane v Aqualand 135 Beinnein’s Bajoron Peldar Joy, Am Int CH 70
Bouvchon’s Elmo, CH 120 Bianca du Clos des Cerberes, CH 110
Brittken’s Hot Rod Harry, CH 195 Bibarcy’s Job’s Daughter, CH 75
Cam Marlee’s Roar of the Tundra, Am Can CH 125 Bibarcy’s Windsong 60
Cayce du Clos des Cerberes, CH 140 BlackNGold Sierra at Warwick, CH, RN 60
Centauri’s Hanter, CH 170 Blackstone’s Pruden D’Affaires 80
Cheyenne Grizzle, CH 110 Blouche von Tutepastell 170
Dayan Claudia v Hagenbeek, Am Can Ber Du CH, CD 305 Bon Idee’s Garden Party, GCH 60
Deewal Broosir de Broote, CH 115 Bora de Bolshoy, CH 80
Deewal Charger, Am Can Mex Ber CH 370 Bridlewood’s Celebrity, CH 75
Deewal Victor, Am Can CH 245 Bristle de Lux 70
Deewal Young Husband, CH 160 Brittany Von Blouche, Am Can CH 120
Dejoy Rommel, CH, CD 255 Brittken’s Courtney, CH 100
Delanda’s Jacques Raoul, Am Can CH, CDX 240 Brittken’s Lindsey, CH 70
Delanda’s Rockford Calm, Am Can CH 505 Bronwyn Sweet Victoria, Am Can CH 110
Delys Calm Winchester, Am Can CH 140 Brooklyn-Manoyka v d Karpat Hoeve 60
Dillon Of Oomingmak, Am Can CH, CDX 115 Caliphe’s TVT Tishara, CH 105
Donamik’s Crusading Raider, Am Can CH, CD 120 Casey Jones, CH, CDX 130
Donlee Kyle’s Paris, CH 120 CB’S Ursus Borealis Ms Odie 135
Donlee Moonshine Del Robles, CH 355 Chanceuse April Rains 90
Dustin Rody v’t Ledig Erf 305 Chehalem Mountain’s Nicole, CH, CD 95
Falco Darwin vh Grendarcohof, Du Ger World CH 190 Chelonne Of Sunset 105
Flanderfield’s Bully, CH 155 Chelsea du Clos Bel Ami, CH 155
Foxfire’s Abel Luke, CH 160 Cheyenne Dancing Desiree, CH 70
Frontier Ace’s Renegade, DC, OA OAJ 390 Circee du Clos des Cerberes, CH 70
Frontier’s Dress Gray, CH, HSAs 140 Coquette du Clos des Cerberes, CH, CD 80
Frontier’s Top Gun at Margaux, Am Can CH, CD 325 Cora vom Teufelhund SCH III 150
Galbraith’s Faire La Roue, CH, CDX 175 Croix de Guerre Xena, CH 100
Galbraith’s Ironeyes, CH 880 Daelgardes Aggie, CH, CD 145
Galbraith’s Moonwalker, CH 505 Daelgardes Faiva’s Hazel, CH 85
Galbraith’s Windwalker, Am Can CH 110 Dako Teddibeara 75
Gamma Du Nouveau Monde, CH 235 Dancing Bear, CH, PT 145
Geant du Nouveau Monde, CH 120 Deewal Argusette, CH 65
Hollandia Evil, Am Can CH 130 Deewal Argusue, CH, CD 60
I’m Special Brittken’s Marc, CH 140 Deewal Autumn Dream, CH 65
I’m Special Moonraker, CH 185 Deewal Blue Astra, CH 190
I’m Special The Heat Is On, CH 240 Deewal Dark Shadows, CH 85
Iboef Darwin v h Grendarcohof, CH 716 Deewal Lance de la Buthiere 60
Ivan d-An Naoned, CH, CD 115 Deewal Victoria, CH 70
Jasper du Clos des Cerberes, CH 210 Deewal Yetta Lass, Am Can CH 130
Job de la Thudinie, Am Belg CH 155 Dejoy Black Magic, CH 85
Kaner du Ruisseau du Pre, CH 120 Dejoy Kelda, CH, CD 135
King Edward’s Quantum Leap, CH 250 Dejoy Piretta, CH, CD 75
Le Baron de Crestwood, CH, CD 355 Del Robles Noel Von Blouche 105
Leevy Astra La Petite Colline, Am Can Ger Neth CH, IPOI 500 Delanda’s Jan’ette Racquel, CH, CDX 115
Lutteur du Val de Rol, CH 250 Delaney von Blouche, CH 80
Maijeune’s D’artagnan, CH 155 Dixie the Gray Ghost, CH, UD TD TDI 75
Maijeune’s Ichor, CH 115 Dona Quiby v Dafzicht, CH 75
Margaux’s Venture Capital, GCH, HT 105 Donamik’s Eclipse Of The Heart, Am Can CH 105
Medrie’s Man Of War Des Ours, CH 125 Donamik’s Nasty Habit 60
Mon Amie Top Of The Line, CH 140 Donamik’s Storm Warning II, CH 225
Moondance’s Nigel, Am Can CH 135 Donlee Lyric Del Robles, CH 145
Nack Du Clos Des Cytises, CH 245 Donlee Manhatten, CH 170
Obvious Master Blaster, CH 200 Donlee Moon Dance II, CH 130
Olympus Paco, Am Can CH 420 Donlee Moon Song, CH 120
Olympus Zarro, CH, CD 175 Donlee Petunia, CH 130
Osgood Farm’s Nitro Calm, Am Can CH 110 Donlee Scout v Heartland, CH 90
Periander Filette vd Overstort, Am Can Ger CH 120 Dushar Calm Laissez Faire, Am Can CH 65
Pio De La Chatrane, Am Fr It Mex World CH 440 Dynastyheads Athena, CH 80
Prudhon Des Preux Vuilbaards, CH 315 Edencare Mamboliva 100
Quiar de la Thudinie, CH 220 Emperor’s Peaches N Cream DLX, CH, UDX TD HT 160
Quiche’s Buffis, Am Can CH 215 Euro’s Quiche Kim 60
Quiche’s Corner the Market, Am Can CH 125 Faussette L’Ideal de Charleroi, CH 70
Quiche’s Demetrius, CH 130 Flanderfield’s Anita, CH 65
Quiche’s Eye Of The Storm, CH 335 Flanderfield’s Missy 65
Quiche’s Gabriel, Am Can CH 360 Frog Hollow’s Toponi, CH, RN HSAs 65
Quiche’s Geoffrey, Am Can CH 590 Frontier Gretchen Go Lightly, CH, CD RE HSAs 425
Quiche’s Ivanhoe, Am Can CH 120 Frontier’s Erin Go Briarlea, CH 85
Quiche’s Nite Ryder, Am Can CH 435 Frontier’s Kiss And Tell, CH 160
Quiche’s Some Like It Hot, Am Can CH 455 Galbraith’s  Eye Spy, CH 80
Quiche’s Zeplin, Am Can CH 215 Galbraiths Chaka, CH 130
Quiche’s Zoom The Rocket, Am Can CH 320 Glaciee Ecles Enchanted Doll, CH 140
Rendezvous Ijs vh Grendarcohof, CH 155 Gold Creek’s Fame N’ Fortune, Am Can CH 110
Rhombus des Pruex Vuilbaards 125 Grinya Baroeska vh Grendarcohof 80
Rocheuses Extra On Stage, CH 110 Heve de Bolshoy, Am Can CH 60
Rocheuses Nite Watch, CH 180 High Class Lady Of Society, CH 60
Rocheuses Renagade, CH 120 Hirsch’s Eye’m A Fashion Page, CH 70
Rocheuses Singular Sensation, CH 135 Hollywood au Dela des Mers, CH 65
Rombo High Mighty And Proud, CH 160 I’m Special Moon’s Qt Comet, CH 105
Rothschild’s Buckingham, Am Can CH 190 I’m Special Qualified Rockette, CH 125
Shaharazad Montana de Oro, CH 125 I’m Special Seal Of Approval, CH 115
Sigurd de la Thudinie, Am Can CH 125 I’m Special Tierra Teal Tiger, CH 185
Stonehollow’s Brabancon Walen, CH 280 I’m Special Vision Of A Lady, CH 80
Susant’s Emperor Maximillan, OTCH, UDX  TDX HT 335 Jan-D Cam’s Crystal Cascade, Am Can CH 80
Susant’s Ironman Kramer, CH, CD HT PT 360 Jassy Entre Deux Monde, Am Can CH 60
Theu Jerry v Dafzicht, CH 145 Jord du Clos des Cerberes 75
Timlor Bairgnhomme, CH 210 Jorlee Jessee James, CH 80
Timlor Evan, CH 170 Joy-A-Len’s Kismet Cee Cee, CH 80
Tino Faisca v d Vanenblikhoeve, Am Du CH 400 Kearan Mistique Of Sunset, CH 70
Trust-Dusty v d Vanenblikhoeve, Am Can CH 1125 Kim Nicky vh Witteveenseven 75
Uran Angele vd Lage Banken 115 Kirkshire’s Moon Silhouette, CH 70
Urex Bras de Fer, Am Can CH, CDX 220 Lady Capulet Tour de Force, CH 90
Uriah Bras de Fer, Am Can CH 230 Ladyblue II, CH 60
Vanleighof Eye’m Raisin’ Cain, CH 240 Laurendell’s Gretel, CH 90
Vanleighof Eyekhan, CH 145 Leddy’s Schotze, CH, CDX 100
Vanleighofs Bold Image, CH 110 Limerick’s Irish Eyes, CH 65
Vulcain Du Clos Des Cytises, CH 445 Madrone Ledge Abigail, CH, CD 75
War Charging Thunder, CH 165 Madrone Ledge Nessturtia HS 140
Wiljamark Barney de Jorlee, Am Mex CH 200 Madrone Ledge Tamboryn, CH, CDX 60
Winning Tickett’s Texas Rider, Am Can CH 125 Maijeuene’s Mystique, CH 80
Winsum’s Sundance, CH 700 Maijeune’s Destinee, CH 145
Yannick Baila V.H. Geboefte, CH 110 Maijeune’s Seyant Jacqueline, CH 85
Zarko Iris vd Cerberushof, Am Can CH 320 Maijeune’s Vintage Zinfandel, CH 150
Mapleridge Fields Of Gold, CH 190
Mapleridge Heaven, CH 75
Margaux’s Eye of the Storm, CH 100
Margaux’s Hot To Trot, CH 95
Margaux’s Katch Me If You Can, CH 90
Margaux’s Liberty Says It All, CH 80
Margaux’s Mystic Solitaire, CH 120
Margaux’s Quite Frankly, CH 105
Margaux’s Sizzle and Sass, CH 90
Meadows High Hopes, Am Can CH 100
Misty Green Jacquette, CH 60
Misty Green Segue, CH 70
Monique Estee Of Sunset CD 60
Moondance Thunderpa Osagewar, CH 230
Moonshine Dlux Calendar Girl, CH, RN 80
Natascha Kim vd Varena, CH, CD HCT 60
Nebadon’s Daredevil Spirit, Am Can CH 80
Nebadon’s Silver Princess, Am Can CH 85
Nelly du Clos des Jeunes Plantes, CH 75
Nordstaaten Mapleridge Icon, CH 75
Obvious Agatha Twistie, CH 170
Odelette du Posty Arlequin, CH 115
Olympus Meta, CH 60
Oriane des Preux Vuilbaards 85
Pallas du Clos des Cerberes, CH 80
Paprika du Ruisseau du Pre 100
Penny The Pooh 60
Piper, CH, CD 150
Praia Du Val De Rol, CH, CD 110
Praxtar’s Jenni, CH 135
Puzzie du Clos des Jeunes Plantes, Am Can CH 80
Quiche’s Enchantress, CH 70
Quiche’s Extra Ruffles, Am Can CH 90
Quiche’s Irisa, CH 130
Quiche’s Orrissa At Ammonite, Am Can CH 70
Quiche’s Papillon, Am Can CH 140
Quiche’s Re Lee Tight Jeans, Am Can CH 85
Quiche’s Taylor Made, CH 80
Quiche’s Valley Girl, Am Can CH 70
Quiche’s Victoria’s Secret, CH 90
Quiche’s Xtra Special Addition, CH 100
Quiche’s Zena Warrior Princess, Am Can CH 80
Quicksilver de la Salsa, CH 70
Rangoria’s Calm Tangaroo, Am Can CH 125
Ranni Bras de Fer 80
Raphia du Val de Rol, CH 70
Remados Katleen 70
Rendezvous Gift Of Gab, CH, CDX 75
Rocheuses Altesse Mariposa, Am Can CH 70
Rocheuses B’Witchn Good Nite Irene, CH 75
Rocheuses Chewbacca Elvira, CH 95
Rocheuses Cornus Cold On Ice, CH 120
Rocheuses Hotter N’ Not, CH 85
Rocheuses Nite Moves 60
Rombo Flaming Star, Am Can CH 90
Rombo Holly Hobie, CH 65
Rombo Inca B Witch, CH 95
Sanrick’s Madalyne, Am Can CH 65
Shari Jerry V Dafzicht, CH 175
Shotsilk Citadel Rochelle, CH 65
Silette de la Thudinie, CH 160
Sleeping Lady’s Brava Bon Idee, CH 105
Sleeping Lady’s Hailey, CH 90
Soubrette au Dela des Mers, CH 155
Stone Hollow Woman Of The Year, CH 80
Stone Hollow’s Fauve, CH 60
Stone Hollow’s Koriander, CH 70
Stone Hollow’s Serendipity, CH 60
Sun Brite Areianne Le Miracle, CH 75
Susant’s Sugaree, CH 135
Tandamar’s Arabelle de Lochlan, CH 80
Tania du Posty Arlequin 60
Tekhoe’s La Femme De Bon Foi, CH 60
Tekhoe’s Spirit Of Bajorons, CH 65
Terra Starry Starry Night, CH 130
Terra’s Too Hot To Handle, CH 335
Thorcourt’s Josephine, Am Can CH, CAN CD RN 65
Timlor Echo, CH 130
Timlor Happy Go Lucky 70
Tiwa Tillie de la Salsa, CH 60
Tjarnel Glamour Girl, CH 85
TLM La Jeron’s New Sensation, CH, CD BH TT CGC 180
UB’s Ayreonna of Nakina, CH 85
UB’s Mariposa Lotsa Moxie, CH, CD 100
Usher’s Oh Pretty Woman, CH 95
Van Leighof’s Quintessense, CH 70
Ventura Qksilver De La Salsa 90
Vlaanderens Emile L’Etoile, CH, CD 65
War Ever Radiant Fire In The Sky, CH, OA MXJ  AJP NAP CGC TDI VBCH 160
Wendy De La Tour, CH 100
Wilder & Wise Grace-Z, CH 80
Wiljamark’s Flair, CH 120
Willow-Ridges Sarafina, CH 60
Windsong’s Fiera, CH 75
Wingards Am I Faire, CH 140
Wingards Never Saw Austin, CH 75
Wise Choice I’m Woman, Am Can CH, CDX TD 125
Wise Choice Microchip, CH, CD 85
Wise Choice Shazaam, CH, CD 110
Wise Choice Zany Spice, CH 60
Wizards Gait Balise Of Brimar, CH 70
Woodbine Beaujolais’ Yes I Am, CH 70
Woodbine’s Demelza, CH, CD 80
Woodbine’s Remulade de l’Esprit 225
Xanadu Vronie vd Vanenblikhoeve, CH 190
Yhelot 70
Zoe du Clos des Cerberes, CH 75


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