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Rally Titles Earned January through March 2014

RA Ursus Borealis Carly RA CGC
RE Rock Run's Lillies Of The Field BN RE  HSAsM NJP CGC
RE Rock Run's Ruby Tuesday BN RE HSAd HSBd HSAsM CGC
RE Tekhoe's Vampire Slayer BN RE
RN Always Our Nikeantha RN
RN Bon Idee's Love American Style RN CA CGC
RN Donet's Dutch Master RN
RN Joyalen's Symphony Of Rivzo RN NAP
RN Skyhi Her Majesty Jasmine RN PT NAP OJP OFP
RN War Bouviator Ash Wednesday RN RATN


Top Five Average Scores by Class

Placing Dog's Name Legs Average
1 Joy A Len's Sterling Kelea 2 100
2 Carrig's A Mile Of Smiles UDX2 OM1 BN GN GO VER CGC 1 98
2 Joyalen's Symphony Of Rivzo RN NAP 2 98
4 Donet's Dutch Master RN 1 94
5 Joy-A-Len's Keepin A Feisty Angel 2 92
5 War Bouviator Ash Wednesday RN RATN 1 92
1 Cam's Spice Of Life CD RE 1 95
2 Ursus Borealis Carly RA CGC 3 91
3 Reidsan Sensa Adom At Lamadero CD RE NAP NJP 2 83.5
1 Cam's Spice Of Life CD RE 1 94
2 Tekhoe's Vampire Slayer BN RE 3 86.33
3 Rock Run's Ruby Tuesday BN RE HSAd HSBd HSAsM CGC 3 82.33
4 Rock Run's Lillies Of The Field BN RE  HSAsM NJP CGC 3 80.67
5 Reidsan Sensa Adom At Lamadero CD RE NAP NJP 2 75
Double Queues Toward RAE Titles
Cam's Spice Of Life CD RE 1
Reidsan Sensa Adom At Lamadero CD RE NAP NJP 2


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