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Scoring is cumulative throughout the year.
Titles are for the specific quarter.

Obedience Titles Earned January through March 2014

BN CH Hirschs Out Of All Notch BN RN
BN Dajeen Calm Midnight Dragon Hunter BN RN CGC
BN Rendezvous Visual Effects BN OAP OJP
BN Rock Run's Lillies Of The Field BN RA  HSAsM NJP CGC
BN Rock Run's Ruby Tuesday BN RA HSAd HSBd HSAsM CGC
CD Hirschs Funny 2 Party Like A Rockstar CD
CD Jenarae Barbu Might 4 Power CD
OM1 Carrig's A Mile Of Smiles UDX OM1 BN GN GO VER CGC
OTCH OTCH Briarlea Nina De La Luz UDX4 OM2 GO VER RE
UDX2 Carrig's A Mile Of Smiles UDX2 OM1 BN GN GO VER CGC
VER CH Skrattegaard Chas'N Rainbows VCD2 UD GN GO VER RAE2 HSAds HIAds MXP AJP XFP


Top Five Average Scores By Class

Dogs's Name Legs Average Score
Deewal Abram Von Bruma RN CA CGC 2 185.5
Donet's Dutch Master RN 1 184
Jenarae Barbu Might 4 Power CD 3 183.167
CH Deewal Aaron Von Bruma RN CA CGC 2 180
Dajeen Calm Midnight Dragon Hunter BN RN CGC 1 171.5
OTCH Briarlea Nina De La Luz UDX4 OM2 GO VER RE 6 194.417
Reckless Abandon Vd Rod UD CGC 5 194.1
CH Adara's Jubelen Jedi VCD2 UD VER RE PT AX AXJ XF DD BH THD CGC 4 191.5
GCH CH Eclipse Be Careful What You Wish For CD BN GN RE HSAdsc 
2 191.5
Nor-Mark's Great Gatsby CD RE 1 191.5
Carrig's A Mile Of Smiles UDX2 OM1 BN GN GO VER CGC 7 190.7142857 HIGHT/HIGHCM
Reckless Abandon Vd Rod UD CGC 4 189.625 HIGHCM
OTCH Briarlea Nina De La Luz UDX4 OM2 GO VER RE 6 188.4166667 HIGHCM
CH Adara's Jubelen Jedi VCD2 UD VER RE PT AX AXJ XF DD BH THD CGC 4 182.75
Carrig's A Mile Of Smiles UD BN GN 6
Briarlea Nina De La Luz UDX2 OM1 RE 5


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